Solomon Frame
Jerry is a regular kind of guy from Chicago. Picture framing has been the family business since the turn of the century beginning with his grandfather and including his father and uncles. Jerry moved to Los Angeles in 1956 with the hope of starting his own shop. He eventually opened the two most successful, forward thinking, influential framing shops in the country, first Art Services in 1964 and then Jerry Solomon Enterprises in 1975. Jerry Solomon Enterprises is the fulfillment of Jerry's vision. It now boasts the father-son duo of Jerry and Fred who have continuously sought out and gathered a team of professionals, including design consultants, craftsmen, carvers, gilders, finishers, mat cutters and fitters of the highest quality from around the world. Jerry Solomon Enterprises, Inc. offers the most diversified custom framing in the west.

"The ability to do a range of styles from period to contemporary frames, and do them well is a unique undertaking." says Solomon. "Quality in my eyes, has always been taking raw wood, shaping it to a proper profile in such a way that it becomes a faithful reproduction of a period piece and then finishing it in 22k gold leaf, or finishing it in wood hand finished the way it is supposed to be. We can do authentic reproductions of period pieces and contemporary framing in acrylic, welded aluminum and brass, as well as our own contemporary styles."

Jerry Solomon Enterprises is housed in a large building, which includes 20,000 sq. ft. of showroom and 60,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space so we are able to handle any size design project. "Our showroom space is overflowing with the most diversified frame styles in the whole country and the largest display of framed mirrors", boasts Solomon. Jerry further explains, "With our gilding abilities it was a natural extension to do custom gilding of furniture and accessories; which we now do for various designers and showrooms around the country. Another step to becoming a one stop shop for the design community." Also in the firm's facility is a studio workshop for the restoration and cleaning of oil paintings and works on paper.

To sum it all up "What other frame shops just dream about, Jerry Solomon Enterprises does every day!